Polarized White Noise and Glitch

London’s *best* goth-leaning, industrial, shoegazey alt.rock band

Polarized White Noise and Glitch
Polarized White Noise and Glitch

credit: Alban Bizet

Chris and Nicolas alongside original drummer Conor had been playing together in various forms since 2018. Their previous band [Ghost Wives] imploded in 2020 but the trio decided to stick together and work on new music. They tried a few different singers but none of them worked out. Bri effectively came to their rescue having recently left her previous band [Black Palms]. Sadly, Conor decided to exit after the first release “Heavy Cure.” Luckily, avid TSE fan and Bri’s Silhouettes band mate, Jo eagerly came to the rescue and picked up the sticks that were left behind. The band have been going from strength to strength ever since, gigging regularly in and out of their hometown of London. They plan to release a new batch of tracks in 2024. Keep your ears peeled.


credit: Alban Bizet

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The Silent Era is a London-based four-piece blending industrial, goth rock, shoegaze, and post-punk to create heavy, dreamy soundscapes, woven through with introspective lyrics which explore the darker side of human nature. Although each member comes from a different country with their own background and musical projects, they found their common playground in The Silent Era by drenching instruments in distortion and reverb and exploring various aspects of alt.rock. Bri Macanas - Vox, Chris Schwarten - Guitar, Nicolas Zappa - Bass [& stuff], Jo Eiffes – Drums.

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